Our Evolution

Since we started life nine years ago as Ecowash Mobile, the pioneers of the waterless car washing segment, innovation has been at the forefront of our thinking. Today, as Nanotek, we have taken our innovative strategies to a new level with advanced technologies and sustainable solutions that have changed the future of car washing and car care.

Nanotek’s futuristic platform focuses on our exclusive liquid polymer nano-technology - The liquid polymer is applied directly to the paint where it encapsulates dirt and lifts it from the surface. The polymer then acts as a lubricant enabling the dirt to be removed without any scratching – it also leaves a protective coating which lasts up to 6 weeks. The entire Nanotek process is eco-friendly and totally waterless which means that a Nanotek treatment can be done anywhere – in a car park, on the street or even on the showroom floor.

Our futuristic platform also paves the way for the introduction of new channels and technologies to provide the best level of car care in the most convenient way; the introduction of iphone applications, mobile CRM systems and technologies which enable us to provide our service wherever you want it. Nanotek takes car care to an entirely new level.

Nanotek is the global leader in mobile car washing and detailing. We are a multi-award winning global franchise system and Nanotek is the future: the future of car care offering a sustainable solution which sets new standards in service quality and delivery.

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