The Environment

Our founding company, Ecowash Mobile, was built upon the principle that it is a corporate responsibility to be environmentally sustainable. We have helped all our customers improve their corporate image and decrease their environmental footprint. As Nanotek we uphold these principles by providing the most environmental sustainable car care services on earth.

Whether it’s a “Nanotek” certificate in your foyer or reception, staff incentive programs or tailored customer promotions, we will work with you to make sure your customers and staff know that you have made not only an efficient operational decision but an environmental statement.

Co-promotional Opportunities

Nanotek is a multi-award winning international franchise system with national coverage within Australia – in 2008 Nanotek (as Ecowash Mobile) won 4 Australian Business Awards for 1) Enterprise, 2) International Trade, 3) Environmental Sustainability, and 4) Enterprise), was named Franchise Export of the Year by the Franchise Council of Australia and was named "Best Services Retailer" by the National Retail Association. Nanotek is a company you will be proud to call a partner.

Joint press releases, reciprocal website links, co-branded gift vouchers... the added benefits of not just a supplier but a partnership giving you access to our website and a global website platform encompassing more than 15 operational countries throughout the world and co-branded gift voucher programs for customers and as staff incentives; and a dedicated marketing team backed by international resources and proven systems

To find out more please fill in your details below, or call us on 920018800, and one of our experienced fleet management representatives will contact you personally to discuss your specific needs and tailor a program to suit your requirements.

The Nanometer – A Global Measur

What is the Nanometer?

The Nanometer measures the total amount of water saved worldwide by using our liquid nano-technology when compared to traditional water based car cleaning techniques.

Each Nanotek treatment saves 180L* of water - to date, Nanotek has saved over 70,000,000L of water worldwide and counting! Check the Nanometer regularly to see the difference we’re making everyday!


Corporate and Environmental Responsibility

When it comes to car care there is a lot more to being environmental than just using less water. In minimising our ecological footprint we have assessed every aspect of our operation - Nanotek was built upon the principle that it is a corporate responsibility to be environmentally sustainable.

In addition to using liquid polymer nanotechnology and creating a completely waterless car washing and detailing service, Nanotek continues to look for ways to improve its environmental sustainability – these initiatives include:

  • Products - all Nanotek products are biodegradable (by European standards);
  • R&D - an ongoing focus to develop new products and procedures that are environmentally sustainable;
  • Consumable recycling – all our packaging is recyclable. Part of the bottle purchase price we pay is a recycling levy;
  • Reusable cloths - all cloths used by Nanotek can be washed and reused for years;
  • Vehicle selection - selection of vehicles with minimal environmental impact e.g. Ford Fiesta in Australia and Toyota Yaris in the USA;
  • A paperless office - IT/email focus and electronic document storage to reduce reliance on paper based products

Since incorporating in 2004, the Nanotek system has expanded from a two-car Sydney-based business to having over 50 franchisees operating more than 60 mobile units all across Australia, washing around seven cars a day per mobile unit. This equates to a saving of approximately 378,000 litres of water a week*.

In March 2006, Nanotek was granted the ‘Smart Approved Watermark’ by the steering committee formed by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), the Irrigation Association of Australia (IAA), the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) and the Australian Water Association (AWA) – this was in recognition for Nanotek’s initiative in developing a service which actively conserves water.

Thorough franchisee training and an extensive ongoing public relations campaign have successfully combined to increase consumer awareness of alternatives to traditional car washing methods - ecowash mobile initially, and now Nanotek, has been largely responsible for the rapid expansion and acceptance of waterless car washing technology in the Australian and global marketplace and has established itself as the no.1 waterless car washing and detailing franchise in the world.

In 2008 Nanotek held its first Global event to heighten awareness of water conservation. At sites around Australia and the world, Nano-Technicians offered free waterless car washes - this was coordinated internationally to coincide with World Water Day and was one of only a handful of events in Australia to be listed on the official World Water Day website.

If we all take personal responsibility, not just with water conservation but with every part of our ecological footprint, together we will make a difference.

save water. love life™

* the traditional hose method of washing a car uses 180 litres of water per wash (Sydney Water).

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